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The eyes are ravished with the beauties of naked nature. -Robert Beverly

I know there is an interesting paradox in the reality of people holding the power to bless and kill all in the same breath, but lately I’ve seen more of the face of God in the blessings of individuals. It’s a rather easy task when one is surrounded by beautiful souls, but it still takes my breath away at every moment. The past seven days of my life have reiterated this and, at the same time, taken me back to memories of Kenya through a tornado of stunning deja vu.

I had the pleasure of spending a week hiking the Smokey Mountains with two of the beautiful souls I am blessed to know and I am not only taken back by their zeal for life and love, but also by the beauty of nature. I have always felt more at home in the company of the beauties of naked nature, which could be credited to my parents for taking me to the woods at a young age or maybe (which I hope is also significantly true) God has created my soul to breath free as I connect with Him there.

I was never more aware of the spiritual connection between God, His creation and me until I was walking under the darkest of skies to a little village in the Kenyan bush. I happened to look up to see stars so close, bright and majestic I could almost reach up and touch them. It wasn’t until after a moment of scanning the stars that my eyes reached the Southern Cross.

I stopped dead in my tracks and a wave of something came over me that I could only describe as what seemed to be a filling of my whole being with the presence of God. I’ve tried to describe this moment to each person who has asked me to tell one of my favorite experiences in Kenya and continually fall short of what truly happened that night in the beauties of naked nature.

This story came to mind again this week as I hiked through more of the breathtaking landscape this world has to offer. As the birds chirped, the trees danced in the wind and the streams bubbled joyfully over the rocks I thought of the verse in Isaiah that says, ‘the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.’

I always loved that word picture and thought of how glorious that would one day be.

I love that my eyes can see ‘that one day’ is now.

Praise God who gives water to those who thirst, the finest of wines and richest of foods without price, and who abundantly pardons.

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