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Current Percentages

I know the area to the right of the screen says I’m still at 25%, but I cannot figure out how to change it.

So, I will just let you know that I am now at

47% of my monthly support


100% of my one-time donations!



A Confident Hope

I woke up before the rest of the world that was contained within the walls of the house on the first day of the New Year. My mind was racing and my body freezing, so I made a cup of hot tea and sat gazing out the window with my eyes fixed on the snow-coated creation.

It quickly became a beautiful spiritual experience and I began praying about this next year. I felt a new urge and passion for Kenya and what I will be doing there. I had a desire to really push hard through these next few months and get the support I need to do what my heart has been called to do.

I know Kenya has been a long time coming and continues to be, but I also trust that I am needed there, I have an opportunity to do some good for others and I will be living out the dream that God embedded in my heart.

So, I began writing a list of how my days would be spent, where I would invest my time, and how I could really give of myself as I’m here in the states. (Not a resolution, of course…those are destine for failure…but more of a plan)

Well, as a ‘glass half empty’ type of person would expect, my first day at this newfound agenda left my fingers without nails and my stomach in my toes.

Side Note: I think if there were prizes for nail biting I would win 5 gold stars. If only.

Throughout the morning I came across some things that smashed my sprit to the ground and left my body overflowing with anxiety and fear, which, come to find out, is not at all conducive to productivity.

There seems to be so much to do, so little time and even smaller amounts of hope.

Faith in one’s self and faith in God are two interesting things to nail down and this day was not strengthening either.

I sat myself down and tried to breath, pray, find solace in friends and attempt to convince myself that it’s not that bad. I was reminded of a scripture that I love while reading an email. I love this passage because it speaks of things I long for and delivers a comfort like the touch of an embrace.

I know I want to be in Kenya, I know I want this support raising to move quick and smooth, and I know good things are to come, but I more than that, I know I want to embrace each day, live now and trust that each second is shaping me into a better person. I long to be full of love, compassion, joy and a heart that gives of itself for others without hesitation.

I am blessed beyond measure in my life and would not trade this past year or the year to come. I hope we can all see an overwhelming beauty in the day-to-day experiences of life.

I am anxious to see how these next few months play out and how God is going to work in my life. I love the reality of the hard times and the joy of the good. I love the beauty that comes from the demise and the hope we can have in the goodness of a loving God.

‘I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.’

Romans 15:13