I Have Arrived!

Ethiopia is absolutely beautiful! This is truly a fantastic place to spend the next year of my life.

In only one week I have seen and learned so much and I cannot wait for what is to come. My first few days in Addis Ababa were spent running errands and breathing in the fog that fills every crevice of your alveoli and turns your boogers a fantastic black. Emission regulation is an unknown phenomenon although there are apparently few problems with asthma and lung troubles. Fascinating.

Sophie and I arrived safely in Soddo to a house full of fleas and lacking both water and electricity. Welcome to Ethiopia! It truly isn’t as bad as it sounds and I find it to be quite a pleasing adventure. Two o’clock in the morning came quite quickly after catching up with Katie, unloading the truck, playing games and eating supper.

Around 1:30am or so, we decided to work on the clogged drain in the shower. Drain-o wasn’t quite cutting whatever was backing up the system so I decided to search out a better solution. I found a silver cap on the floor that looked promising, so I pulled out the broken, rusty screw, lifted up the cap, jumped on the toilet and gagged as stinky brown water came spewing toward me. Ha

So, long story short, I found the clog, removed it with rubber gloves, a wire hanger and pliers, all the while trying not to breath. We felt very accomplished and proud that we had fixed the problem that had been plaguing the house for some time now.

I caulked the cap to the floor (due to the rusty screw not coming out all the way and my lack of desire to break it by trying to get it out) so, with all hopes, we will not need to unclog it again!

I have spent the last few days unpacking, de-fleeing the house, cleaning and learning my way around town. The inconsistent power and water, the purchasing of a generator, and all the other ‘down home farm living’ type things from the 1950’s have brought a smile to my face and made me think, ‘wow, my mom would be real proud!”

We have decided to add chickens to our homestead in the near future. We will benefit from them as well as the prenatal clinic which offers the eggs to mamas so they have more protein in their diets.  We are super pumped for our pets and reading a book entitled Chickens in Your Backyard! (Thank you Micah and Mary for introducing me to raising chickens! Love Love!)

Asamino in a Hug-a-Bub

We also got Asamino back today (he is the precious little baby Sophie has been caring for these past 3 months). We will be working to wean him from formula to solid foods the next months in order to send him back to his father and grandmother in a small village where he will continue to grow and thrive. His mother died during childbirth and Sophie offers this program to allow the child to live and to return to their fathers.

These past few days have brought me so much joy and excitement! I am slowly picking up a little of the language (the basics) and will begin classes in the near future. I cannot wait until I have even a little bit of an idea of what they are saying to me…besides ‘white foreigner’.

One last fun fact is that it is only 2003 here in Ethiopia. I’m not sure the details, but if you want to be 7 years younger, come on over. I’m not super thrilled to be 21 again, but I guess I’ll take it. Cheers!

Clog Removal Caulked Cap


3 responses

  1. Loved reading what you are up to! Didn’t know:) What a darling little guy in the photo! We would love to more about what you’re doing!
    We’ll be praying for you

    October 28, 2010 at 3:39 pm

  2. Kevin

    Very nice! Glad things are starting off well 🙂

    November 1, 2010 at 11:29 am

  3. Krn

    Okay…..I wish I was there. With you and that sweet little precious face. I have shown that picture to almost everyone I know.

    November 2, 2010 at 10:08 pm

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