There is nothing so stable as change. -Bob Dylan

Long story…super short…I’m going to Ethiopia for a year!

This Change brings so much joy, excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. I’m pretty giddy at the thought of what this next year has in store for me and I want to give you a few details about what my life will look like.

I am going to work alongside a doctor and nurse (dr. mary and sophie) in a rural clinic delivering medical care to those that cannot afford/are unable to get to the hospital.

I will be focusing on a couple of things:

1. wound care (tropical ulcers, mossy foot, etc.). Google images at your own risk.

2. Herbal medicine for cancer patients, malnutrition, malaria, etc.

I will also be teaching art classes at an orphanage on my time off! I’m not so much a fan of teaching (not because it isn’t important, but because its SO important) but I think I can handle a little artistic education for such beautiful little minds.

Outside of that I will be learning a new language, studying a beautiful, new culture and sucking every ounce of goodness out of each day.

From what I understand, soddo is situated right next to a mountain, with lush foliage and gorgeous landscapes. I’m excited to access some fantastic hiking trails and see a bigger picture of the world God created and has blessed us with.

My excitement seems to collide in a beautiful explosion with my fear and anxiety from time to time and I am reminded of the many tragedies I will experience in my time amongst poverty and injustice. For this I can only glean my strength from god, who promises justice for the oppressed, freedom for the prisoners, care for the orphans, food for the hungry and clothes for the naked.

I am going to work my hardest to join in this fight here and now. Through joy, laughter, tears and pain I will fight alongside them and in the end, with all hopes, come out a person filled with more love, compassion and strength.

So, as so beautifully stated by Bob Dylan, ‘there is nothing so stable as change’, and I’m grateful for the opportunity that this beautiful change will bring.

Sophie and I's House

Dr. Mary and Sophie